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Funds raised from individual support and private sector sponsorship will go to the transportation of essential goods and medicine, and creating infrastructure for long term needs to be met. We have a local team of dedicated truckers in place and delivery routes on the map. As government entities pull out, we're building real capacity and strengthening communities. To garner the resources for both immediate and longer-term cargo, shipping, and sustained aid, we've launched a GoFundMe campaign. The topic is no longer trending so people think everything is ok. The people in the hardest hit areas of Puerto Rico are sadly being neglected and their cries are being ignored. 

Hospitals are closed, schools are regularly shutting down, the death toll is on the rise, and people are being forced to leave the island. 60% of applications for assistance have been rejected.

Our goal is to continue helping the people in the forgotten areas of Puerto Rico as much as we can but we need your help.

Step Up 4 PR by making a contribution and sharing this campaign with your friends, family, and social media network.
Your donations will be used to purchase:

•MPOWERD Luci Pro Series Outdoor 2.0 Solar Lights with usb/phone chargers 12.50 each Thanks to our charitable partners. 
•Sawyer Point One Water Filtration Kits (filter up to 540gallons/day for up to 5yrs) 13.95 each Thanks to our charitable partners.
•Solar Powered Generators $2,500 each. If we purchase 5 solar generators the vendor will donate 5 generators.
•Food (Depends on the size of the community) we go food shopping in PR for the various barrios we visit.
•Hygiene/Wellness/Sanitary products(We're sending out additional shipping containers to PR filled with supplies) 

We will keep everyone updated on our ongoing relief and recovery efforts in Puerto Rico.

Thank You!